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Biogas & Power plant


Submersible mixers are used in digesters to mix and homogenize the substrate, thus increasing the output of the plant and preventing solids from settling, which in the long run can reduce the efficiency of the plant, for example by clogging pipes.


Motor-driven pumps, both submersible and external, are used to feed the primary digester and/or handle the substrate between digesters, and/or for mixing through nozzles inside the digester. The chopping system provided on all CRI-MAN pumps aids the anaerobic fermentation process, thus improving the efficiency of the plant.

Screw press separators

Screw press separators are used to separate the solid from liquid fraction during the anaerobic fermentation process. The liquid fraction can be used as a fertilizer and for irrigation. The solid fraction can be used as an amender, as cattle bedding, etc. The use of screw press separators is also recommended as a pre-treatment in nitrogen-reducing plants.

Application of CRI-MAN products in a typical biogas plant:

  1. Filling feed tank with slurry and/or agricultural waste.
  2. Mixing feed tank with TBM series submersible mixer.
  3. Feeding digester with
    • PTS series submersible chopper pump
    • BMC series macerator and PLD series double piston pump
    • CFS series shredder and PLD series double piston pump
  4. Mixing digester with
    • TBM series submersible mixer
    • MXB and/or MXL series vertical and/or lateral mixer
    • AF series submersible flow accelerator
    • Nozzle and ETO/ETV series electric chopper pump
  5. Transferring substrate into screw press separator feed tank.
  6. Liquid-solid separation.